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Feng Shui – Not everyones cup of tea

Kitchen Makeover – Feng Shui

1. Clean everything inside & out. This includes drawers and cabinets, appliances, walls and counters. Line shelves with new liner paper, and give the floor a good scrub. This step requires that you take everything out of the cabinets, leading naturally to step 2,

2. Assess what you really use. Feng Shui asks that you keep only what you use, need, or love. As you remove things from cabinets and drawers, ask yourself when you last used this item, and what the likelihood is of using it. If you want to keep an item you seldom use, consider deep storage, or make room for it on a higher shelf.

3. Clear the counters. Many appliances and other seldom-used items can take up permanent residence on counters, preventing you from having the space you need to work comfortably. Remove everything, wipe down the surfaces, and replace only the things you use on a daily basis.

4. Put like with like. As you sort through your cabinets, make your life easier by putting like things together. For example, separate sweet baking spices from savory ones, and store coffee filters near your coffee mugs.

5. Adjust shelves to maximize storage space. Most cabinet shelves are adjustable. As you put things back into the cabinets, separate tall items from shorter ones and adjust your shelf-height accordingly.

6. Use “shelf helpers” for convenience and efficiency. Items like tray racks, lazy susans, and stacking shelves don’t cost much, and they can change your life. (Don’t forget to measure your cabinets before you browse through your local organizing store!)

7. Get good Chi energy flowing by making sure everything works. Fix things that are broken. Check that doors swing freely. Replace chipped bowls and sharpen your knives.
In Feng Shui this is a crucial step – things that are well-cared-for signify your intention to take the very best care of yourself, too!

8. Recognize the importance of your stove. The stove, a powerful Feng Shui symbol of Wealth in your life, is the centerpiece of this “Heart of Your Home” and must be treated with particular respect. Keep it clean and use all the burners to draw more positive Chi into your life.

9. Use mirrors to create more wealth. Since stove burners symbolize wealth, multiply the effect it by placing a mirror behind the stove to reflect the burners. This mirror also reflects activity behind you, placing you in the Command Position as you cook.

10. Balance the elements. Your kitchen already contains four of Feng Shui’s Five Elements: Fire, Water, Metal and Earth. The element that’s usually missing, Wood, can be brought in with a bowl of fruit or a small plant – or even a picture of one of these. When the elements are balanced, a space feels great.

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