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Toilet designs traditional

The classic designs of the traditional toilets with the stately elegance sets it apart from the rest. The clean and straight lines of these toilets make it a graceful addition to any bathroom. Victorian plumbing showcase before you some high quality traditional toilet designs for the added visual impact. 1) Burlington Regal Close Coupled WC [...]

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Feng Shui – Not everyones cup of tea

Kitchen Makeover – Feng Shui 1. Clean everything inside & out. This includes drawers and cabinets, appliances, walls and counters. Line shelves with new liner paper, and give the floor a good scrub. This step requires that you take everything out of the cabinets, leading naturally to step 2, 2. Assess what you really use. [...]

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Refurbish my Kitchen?

Step One: Do I need to update my Kitchen? Updating your kitchen can be easy, and Square Kitchens wants to help make it a fun and pleasurable experience for you. The vast majority of today’s house owners can update their kitchens with a few simple procedures such as adding some hinges, new cabinet doors and [...]

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Designing Small Kitchens

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) defines a “small” kitchen as one that is 150 square ft. or less. If like most people you have a small kitchen, being able to design an ideal kitchen can be less a problem of expense and more a problem of what you can fit & where. mixing [...]

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Ten Inexpensive Kitchen Gadgets Everybody loves a kitchen gadget for Christmas, and you’ll find various lists around – of the best gadgets to give as gifts – some of which, quite frankly, I wouldn’t give house room. Here’s my top ten list of inexpensive gadgets … which includes items for those who don’t cook so [...]

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Day Two – Square Kitchen Blog

Check out our kitchens – 25% OFF all kitchens on our website…

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Welcome to Square Kitchens Blog

Finally the Square Kitchens Blog has launched. Again a massive thanks to Tom King Creative for their exceptional work. Check them out at, they’re ace!!!

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