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Testimonial – Mr & Mrs Morley

Dear Ryan,

We are writing to thank you and your professional team and express how highly delighted we are with the high
standard of work you and your team achieved in building and fitting out our en-suite bathroom for my parents
at our bungalow.

From our first discussions with you in your showroom at Square Kitchens & Bathrooms, you asked the all the
right questions so you understood what we needed and how we wanted it to look and function.

You Project Managed the entire build, from visiting our home, drafting the plans, liaising direct with the builder
and building surveyor ensuring that all the legal requirements for the extension were met making that part of
the process much simpler.

The quality of the bathroom is first class and well fitted. We are thrilled with the results. The care and attention
to detail included redesigning the layout of some existing fitted bedroom furniture in the bedroom which links
to the en-suite.

Your work team cleaned down and swept every day when they had finished ensuring we had as little disturbance
as possible during the build. They were courteous and hard working, nothing was too much trouble.

Once again a big thank you to you all and we would certainly recommend Square Kitchens & Bathrooms to our
family and friends.

Yours sincerely,

Pamela, Gillian & Dennis

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Mr &
Mrs Smith (Inkersall)

We would
like to say a massive thank you to all at Square.

They were absolutely
fabulous! Our kitchen is truly out of this world!

We had two
different sets workmen as we were having both our Kitchen and bathroom fitted. All
were so professional and approachable. 
They couldn’t do enough for us through every step of the process, taking
into account that my husband is disabled and helping us come up with the
solutions we needed to make our life at home far easier.

We would
happily recommend them to ‘anybody’.  A
fair price for an amazing job.

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Toilet designs traditional

The classic designs of the traditional toilets with the stately elegance sets it apart from the rest. The clean and straight lines of these toilets make it a graceful addition to any bathroom. Victorian plumbing showcase before you some high quality traditional toilet designs for the added visual impact.

1) Burlington Regal Close Coupled WC – 51cm Button Flush

Regal close coupled WC from Burlington with its brilliant white finish and oak toilet seat adds warmth to the area. The toilet is simple and has button flush for the flushing purpose.

2) Genevieve Ceramic WC Pan & Dual Flush Cistern

The classic curves of the Genevieve ceramic WC pan and push button dual flush cistern bring forth the charm of the Edwardian era to your bathroom. The classic curves and high quality white gloss finish of the toilet sheer opulence.

3) Rochester Ceramic Traditional WC Pan & Cistern Set

The Rochester traditional WC pan is a unique combination of traditional design with a modern twist. The toilet exudes the Victorian style and incorporates a dual flush water saving system.

4) Oxford Ceramic WC Pan & Cistern with Toilet Seat

The strong lines of the oxford ceramic WC pan and toilet seat exhibit the timeless designs of the past. Together they give a homely feeling. All the necessary fitting required for successful installation are included within it.

5) Monaco Ceramic WC Pan & Cistern Set with Oak Toilet Seat

The clean lines and high quality ceramic finish of the Monaco creates and uncluttered look. The toilet has a coupled toilet pan with internal flow and a minimalist cistern lever for the flushing purpose.

6) Burlington Cloakroom Slimline Toilet – Lever Flush

Burlington cloakroom slimline toilet with its supreme white ceramic finish makes a statement in your bathroom. The toilet is crated to the highest quality to offer exceptional performance.

7) Burlington Low Level WC – 51cm White Ceramic Cistern Lever Flush

The low level WC from Burlington is supplied with cistern fittings and floor fixings. These are designed using the latest tools and are designed to minimize the wastage of water per flush. This makes them environmental friendly and are easy to install and clean.
8) Burlington Medium Level Toilet – White Ceramic

All Burlington toilet bowls have a coating of nanoglaze which makes the task of cleaning easy and effortless. The toilet includes a WC pan, chrome cistern brackets, cistern lever, medium level cistern and chrome flush pipe.

9) Burlington High Level Toilet – Polished Aluminium Cistern

Burlington high level toilet with polished aluminium cistern adds style and oomph. The string pull flush mechanism with the intricately designed cistern brackets gives a periodic look to your bathroom.

10) Hadrian Era HL Traditional WC Ceramic Pan & Cistern Set

Hadrian traditional WC pan evokes the style of bygone era and makes your bathroom bespoke. The toilet is perfect for any traditional bathroom and brings the charm or old world to your own private cocoon.

If what you are looking for is a heritage charm, these are few traditional toilets that brings a touch elegance to your bathroom without compromising the looks. All the toilets are manufactured to the highest standards to offer incredible design and quality finish.

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Testimonial – Mr & Mrs Pick

We heard about Square Kitchens through recommendation by a friend. From the word go we were really pleased with the relaxed friendly yet professional visit to our home giving expert advice where needed and not pushing us into something we weren’t happy with. We are so pleased with the overall look of our kitchen I would recommend Square Kitchens to anyone. The whole team who worked on our kitchen were so nice and unbelievably tidy at the end of every day.

Mr & Mrs Pick

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Feng Shui – Not everyones cup of tea

Kitchen Makeover – Feng Shui

1. Clean everything inside & out. This includes drawers and cabinets, appliances, walls and counters. Line shelves with new liner paper, and give the floor a good scrub. This step requires that you take everything out of the cabinets, leading naturally to step 2,

2. Assess what you really use. Feng Shui asks that you keep only what you use, need, or love. As you remove things from cabinets and drawers, ask yourself when you last used this item, and what the likelihood is of using it. If you want to keep an item you seldom use, consider deep storage, or make room for it on a higher shelf.

3. Clear the counters. Many appliances and other seldom-used items can take up permanent residence on counters, preventing you from having the space you need to work comfortably. Remove everything, wipe down the surfaces, and replace only the things you use on a daily basis.

4. Put like with like. As you sort through your cabinets, make your life easier by putting like things together. For example, separate sweet baking spices from savory ones, and store coffee filters near your coffee mugs.

5. Adjust shelves to maximize storage space. Most cabinet shelves are adjustable. As you put things back into the cabinets, separate tall items from shorter ones and adjust your shelf-height accordingly.

6. Use “shelf helpers” for convenience and efficiency. Items like tray racks, lazy susans, and stacking shelves don’t cost much, and they can change your life. (Don’t forget to measure your cabinets before you browse through your local organizing store!)

7. Get good Chi energy flowing by making sure everything works. Fix things that are broken. Check that doors swing freely. Replace chipped bowls and sharpen your knives.
In Feng Shui this is a crucial step – things that are well-cared-for signify your intention to take the very best care of yourself, too!

8. Recognize the importance of your stove. The stove, a powerful Feng Shui symbol of Wealth in your life, is the centerpiece of this “Heart of Your Home” and must be treated with particular respect. Keep it clean and use all the burners to draw more positive Chi into your life.

9. Use mirrors to create more wealth. Since stove burners symbolize wealth, multiply the effect it by placing a mirror behind the stove to reflect the burners. This mirror also reflects activity behind you, placing you in the Command Position as you cook.

10. Balance the elements. Your kitchen already contains four of Feng Shui’s Five Elements: Fire, Water, Metal and Earth. The element that’s usually missing, Wood, can be brought in with a bowl of fruit or a small plant – or even a picture of one of these. When the elements are balanced, a space feels great.

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Testimonial- Ruth Mcilroy

Hi Ryan,

Can’t seem to update ratedpeople feedback on job, but here is something for your blog/website -

We got 4 firms in to quote for a refurbishment of our kitchen (new door and worktops and cooker). From the start, Square Kitchens were the obvious choice, streets ahead of the others. Ryan seemed to instantly understand what we wanted and started straight away finding creative solutions to give us the maximum for our limited budget. He was open about the limitations of refurbishment (he was proved wrong by the final result looking like a brand new kitchen), respectful of our (sometimes unrealistic) ideas, but always ready with a really good solution when asked. When we realised how sound he was, we decided to extend our budget a bit (no pressure from him), and he promised hand-painted doors, way beyond what the other firms were offering. Not only that, he found a way to get the doors painted in any Farrow and Ball shade we wanted for no extra cost, so we ended up with essentially a hand-picked bespoke kitchen, looking like those lavish showroom things in John Lewis.

The firm arrived when promised and the work was done with minimum of disruption within a handful of days. That sounds like it should be standard, but you know how rare that is when multiple trades are involved in a project. All the people working on it were friendly and professional, they worked their socks off, and cleaned up thoroughly. What a success and what a lovely new kitchen. If I had the budget I would seriously consider getting them back to do other work eg bedrooms/bathrooms just to take advantage of their excellent work before everyone finds out about them.

All the best

Ruth McIlroy

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Granite or laminate what are the options?


Customers have many options when it comes to choosing a kitchen worktops, Two of the most common materials for countertops are granite / composite garnite and laminate. Each material have there pro’s and con’s , though granite countertops are much more expensive than laminate worktops. Adding additional features to an installation –such as special edges or an heat stands–can quickly add up on the cost of a project involving granite.

Having a granite countertop professionally installed will cost between £1800 – £4000, depending on the features and complexity of the installation project. For those who want a granite countertop but want to save money, granite tiles are another option.

Having a laminate worktop professionally installed will cost anywhere between £400 and £2000 , depending on the quality and features of the laminate. for instance you can get special edge details and greater thicknesses upto 100mm, Do-it-yourself handy people can install laminate countertops themselves for an even more affordable price. Laminate sheets can be purchased from the “big sheds” but this is normally sub standard and with joint trims, not a professional masons mitre.

Granite is a very hard material ( sometimes brittle ), but can also be soft, On the scale of hardness, granite has been assigned a value of about 6.5, according to Granite Land, making it one of the hardest types of stone on the planet. Granite is also acid-resistant, stain-resistant and scratch-resistant, according to Natural Stone. The primary drawback of granite is its price. athough everyone has a preconception that its is bomb proff but this can with certain granite be far from the truth.

Laminate countertops are also durable and are one of the least expensive worktops options available. A disadvantage to laminate is that it can be scratched or chipped ( very hard to do so )

Laminate countertops can be installed with relative ease by almost anyone. Granite countertops, however, should be installed by professionals despite the increased costs associated with installation.

Granite countertops are some of the heaviest types of countertops on the market and a granite slab can 200kg plus

While they are much cheaper than granite countertops, laminate countertops are very difficult to repair if they become scratched or chipped. Something to keep in mind about granite is that because it is a natural material and each piece is unique, the product you get may look slightly different than the samples you see in the store. The biggest reson people go for the granite tops is the look, the oose quality and style

The maintenance costs associated with both types of countertops are minimal. Granite countertops require a seal coating to prevent damage and staining, A granite countertop should have a seal coating applied to its surface once every one to three years. Laminate countertops need very little maintenance, other than cleaning. Since they are prone to scratching, only non-abrasive cleaners should to be used.


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Testimonial – Mr & Mrs Rees

“Square kitchens provided a personal service and provided the design, supply and fitting of what I think is the ideal kitchen for my family. The kitchen was part of an extension build, and they were easily able to accommodate the challenges encountered during the build. The end result was impressive and the attention to detail second to none. The whole square kitchens team really went the extra mile to make sure that I was satisfied with the end result.”
Samuel Rees, Sheffield

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Testimonial – Mrs & Mrs Longden

Choosing Square Kitchens was probably one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. After deciding to invest in a new kitchen, we wanted something completely different and something that would suit our needs and our lifestyle. After getting the usual suspects round to quote, we were disappointed that every single company didn’t seem to be listening to what we wanted. They made all the right noises, but when the quote and the drawings came, it was like our existing kitchen, with different doors! We’d resigned ourselves to settling for the best of a bad bunch, when we stumbled across Square Kitchens……

Ryan came around and blew us away! The whole game had changed and he was full of innovation and creativity, tearing up everything, including our preconceptions over what we could and couldn’t have. Before we knew it, we had a whole series of options to consider. Every single idea made perfect sense, some we had never considered and all worked perfectly! In a matter of days, we had the drawings, a very competitive quote and a choice of dates when the work could be carried out.

Not only did Square Kitchens get our order, we left them our keys and went off on holiday for a fortnight! How many companies would you trust with that? The work was completed within the agreed time and the entire team were complete professionals. The fit and finish was superb and Ryan even went over the job in minute detail, remedying the tiniest flaw without quibble, before signing it off.

There are so many Sharks and Cowboys in this game, it’s sometimes a lottery finding a company you can trust. Ryan, John and his team are the benchmark for quality, service and value and we would have no hesitation in recommending Square Kitchens to anyone.

Richard & Helen Longden, Sothall, Sheffield

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Testimonial – Moore Family

A very big thank you to all the guys, the work you have done is excellent and still gives me a smile when I walk into my home.

Merry Christmas and hope you have a very successful 2011


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